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Painting Concrete Block

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Tom and Leslie,

i live in northwest florida and my house is on a hill.  the crawl space is very spacious.  i have over 300 square feet of concrete floor with a 8.5 foot ceiling.  the space is not damp due to the dehumidifier that is drained to the exterior and the proactive approach to properly draining my gutters.  what i would like to do is apply a coat of paint to the concrete block to make this space a little more attractive.  i did a little research and found that the hardware store has a moisture blocking paint but moisture is not a problem.  i could apply a primer.  do you know of any paints that would be appropriate in this space?

Mark Flores

The Money Pit Answer

There are many coatings that would work well on concrete block.  Just make sure the product is listed as a "masonry" paint or finish. One example is this Textrured Acrylic Coating from Quickrete.