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Painting Cement Blocks in Basement

Would like to paint my basement.  My cement blocks at different locations show moisture.  There is no running water on floor anywhere.  I know that you need to use waterproof masonry paint.  I used this proceedure in another home and the bottom of block after a bit peeled the paint.

How could I solve this problem? Want to make sure blocks stay dry and nothing comes thru.  (home is 4 yrs. old – the outside is slanted for drainage, etc.)


Robert B.

The Money Pit Answer

If your block walls are exhibiting moisture, then the source of that moisture has to be identified and addressed.  Concrete block is very hygroscopic (absorbent) and will draw moisture up from the soil which surrounds it until it wicks out in the block. 

The reason the block walls in your last house peeled paint near the bottom is likely the same.  The first row of the block is usually filled solid with mortar.  As result, water gets inside the hollow concrete blocks and then runs down to the first course.

Review the grading and gutter advice in this article about how to waterproof a basements.