I asked a previous question about stink bugs because I thought that they might be what is causing the odor in my home but I dont think that was it. I bought my house a year ago and it had a funny odor which i attributed to the old carpets and it needed to be painted but I have since removed all of the old carpets, painted cleaned and still it have a funny odor I cannot pinpoint, any ideas? The house was built in the 50’s if that matters.

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Woodbridge Environmental answered 6 years ago

Need some more information.

Can you describe the funny odor?  Damp dish rag smell?  Sweet,  or sour?

When do you smell this odor? Day, night.  What type of Heat system do you have?  Forced warm air, electrical or hot water baseboard?  Steam?

Is this in just one room, or do you find it in others as well?  Sunny side of the home? Or does not matter?

Stink bugs can cause an odor but after a short while this will dissipate over time.


Do you have Central AC?   What about your basement?  Slab, full basement, crawl space?   Tell me more about the house.  Finished or unfinished basement.  Septic system or city sewer?  What about water source, city or well?


Odors can be from all sorts of things.  Plastics, carpets, even clothes that come from dry cleaner. 


What kind of insulation do you have?  Was there ever evidence of mold in the home? If so where? Any major renovations past 8 years or so in the home.  If yes what were they?

Mya answered 6 years ago

the odor seems to be from the heating vents. I have forced air. oil heat . Its a funny sour smell once the heat stops.

Woodbridge Environmental answered 6 years ago

There are several things that can cause odors. From damp basements, to incorrectly operating equipment.


What have you done as far as getting the duct system cleaned. This cleaning should include both the blower within the furnace and if AC is installed the coil as well that is located above the furnace.  Once that is done, I suspect that this odor will diminish.


In the event that this does not solve the issue. I would then suggest that you have someone come in that uses Ozone generators and have them flood the house with Ozone.  This powerful method will require you, your plants, and anything that uses oxygen to be removed from the house while these machines do their stuff.  After a 24 hour period the machine will be turned off by the contractor and the house aired out.  This will leave the entire home smelling fresh and clean. Using Ozone  should only be used by professionals that understand its operation and no one should be allowed into the home until the unit is turned off and the contractor says its safe to return.