CommunityNew Electrical Outlets: Remove or Replace Existing Drywall?

New Electrical Outlets: Remove or Replace Existing Drywall?

I need to add and then rewire two new outlets in existing bedroom drywall.  I've originated the circuit from below at one end, but am having a hard time continuing them along the outside walls with minimal intrusion, patching, or demotion.   The exterior is brick, making access from the outside a no-go.  The outlets will be installed at the standard height above the baseboard.  Any suggestions?

The Money Pit Answer

If the configuration you're after is so different than the current one, cut out the existing drywall, rewire the new outlets as needed, and then add new drywall.  It'll be a lot less work than trying to fish all these wires behind existing drywall in a space that's hard to work in.  You can get drywall for less than ten bucks a board, so it won't cost you much more, either.