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Natural Stink Bug Solutions?

My house is infested with awful-smelling stink bugs.  How can I get rid of them without using chemicals that could harm my dog?

The Money Pit Answer

There are plenty of stink bug solutions. Until you get rid of them, though, heed this advice for disposing of them: No squashing!  As you've maybe learned, stink bugs' stench only gets worse when they're squashed.  Here's a chemical-free trick of the trade we recommend: Take an old stocking, insert it in the end of your vacuum hose, and use a rubber band to attach it.  Then fold it over the outside of the hose, attach it to the vacuum, and then vacuum those bugs up.  They'll get stuck in the stocking net but won't get into the vacuum bag and stink up your appliance.  Simply pull out the stocking and throw it - and the bugs - away. 

To get to the heart of the problem without using pesticides, though, consider these green solutions: Make a garlic spray by mixing water with garlic powder.  Put it into a spray bottle and douse plant leaves, windowsill, and other areas of your house the bugs frequent. Stink bugs dislike garlic's odor and generally stay away when its nearby.  Similarly, mix mint oil or ground mint with water and apply it in the same manner. Mint, like garlic, is a stink bug repellent.  Good luck!

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Guest Staff answered 6 years ago

The best way to get rid of stink bugs in the house is to vacuum them up, and then throw away the vacuum cleaner bag.  If you crush them, the odor will be released into the house.