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Mobile Home Roof

I have a 1969 mobile home single wide!  for the most part in GREAT shape

But parts of the roof has gotten really soft and MUSHY part to old age & part due to water leaks from Swamp cooler & standing water from Rain/snow

over the years we have had that Black wet or dry roof Paint/sealer put on more than once but would love to make it a hard surface!

is there any products we can pour on to make it hard so we can do service to things like the swamp cooler with out stepping on MUSH!  or what can we do to get a hard surface on the roof for a roof?

I was thinking of covering the whole roof in plywood & putting roofing on top of it but was told it maybe too heavey for the mobile home to hold up.  if nothing else maybe still do this but put 4×4's on each corner & some in the middle to hold the weight of the wood off the mobile but not sure? 

any thoughts or ideas?

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