CommunityMini-Split Ductless: Good for Heating and A/C?

Mini-Split Ductless: Good for Heating and A/C?

I called the your show maybe two weeks ago but haven't heard back yet. I'm looking into putting central air and heat into my home and I was hoping to get your opinion on mini-split ductless systems. My last company to give me an estimate suggested the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim system but I know nothing about them and it would be almost twice the price of the traditional duct system. Help please!

The Money Pit Answer

Mini-split ductless systems are an excellent option for heating or cooling your home, but they are particularly useful when used in an area that is difficult to reach with traditional heating/cooling ducts.  For example, in my home I have an office that faces the south west side of the building which gets extremely hot in the summer.  We do have a traditional central air conditioning system, however, the office is at the end of the duct run.  It was difficult to get enough air flow into this room and it was uncomfortably warm as a result.  The solution was to add a mini-split ductless.  This is quiet and effcient and delivered the additional cooling power we needed.  I know my co-host Leslie did something similar using a mini-split to cool a finished basement.

Unless you have a very small house, you typically would not use mini-splits throughout the entire home, but as a part of the overall heating and cooling plan, they are an excellent option and a Mitsubishi is an excellent brand and a market leader in the category.