CommunityIs the “Low Boy” Water Heater Really Extinct?

Is the “Low Boy” Water Heater Really Extinct?

Eileen Cronley
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I am planning  to replace my water heater soon.  I have a low boy gas water heater in my crawl space now.  I have been told that they no longer make these. ( Mine is 16 years old.)  Is that true?  I was thinking my next logical option is an on-demand water heater. With the  expense of relocating a water heater etc, I may as well go tankless.

I just want to make sure they are no longer available before I bight the bullet and invest in the tankless.

Eileen in Raleigh nc

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Woodbridge Environmental answered 6 years ago

Are you talking about electrical hot water low boy, or gas?


My understanding is that you can get both. But you will not find them in the big box stores.  A plumber should be able to obtain them for you.

I would look into the tankless on demand heaters if you have gas. These units provide endless hot water and work real well when installed properly.


You need however,  A good water flow. If your pipes are corroded and pressure is low, a tankless will not work well for you.  If you have only electrical service type hot water heater,  You need a ton of power to operate and may also not be such a good choice.  If you have really hard water the on demand units require cleaning or the build up of hardness will slow the ability of the heater to perform as it did when it is new.  So if any of these things concern you then get a quality plumber in the home and have them replace your heater with one that will fit and is still available.