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How to Get Rid of Dust

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I have a 3 year old home with vinyl windows which are tight. There’s weatherstripping around all the doors and I can not figure out how this house gets so dusty within a matter of a couple days. Wondering how to get rid of dust.  How do I find the source of my problem?

The Money Pit Answer

Well, we hate to be the first one to tell you but the culprit may not be outside but INSIDE the house!  We all generate a lot more duct than we realize and reducing it starts not on line with cleaning surfaces likes rugs or furniture, bit more importantly by cleaning the air.

We'd suggest that you invest in a good quality electronic air cleaner.  This type of system is installed into the return air side of your heating/cooling system and cleans the air thoroughly each time the system is on.  The best EAC's can even remove virus sized particles.

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TexasAirDoctor answered 7 years ago

Definitely something inside the home doing the dust.

We often find:

  • Excessive Number of recessed light fixtures allowing attic insulation to fall through. (Particularly troublesome with cellulose
  • Dryer lint not being exhausted to the outside adequately so the excess circulates through the home
  • Animals – Dogs particularly shed and their dander contaminates the entire home
  • Regardless of the source, it will cause illness if not addressed. Scientific study indicates it will shorten your life span.