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Leak from Refrigerator

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Where could water be coming from under refrigerator on only freezer side and it does not leak every day

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Woodbridge Environmental answered 6 years ago

Most frost free refrigerators have an auto defrost cycle. When this goes on it causes the melted water to drain down to a pan located under the fridge itself.  If you remove the front grill below the doors you should see this pan.  If by chance the pan has shifted, or has become filled with dust, animal hair if you have them it could be over flowing causing this occurrence.

Pull the grill out from the cabinet with the door(s) open to expose this area. If you have not cleaned under this area in a long while you will find all sorts of dust.  So plan on using the vacuum under there with a long wand.  Be sure to unplug when you vacuum so you do not hit the fan that may be located in this area. Pull the pan out, clean it and reset it back into place. This should resolve your issue.