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My kitchen floor is uneven. It's carpeted now; will a laminate floor adjust so it does not break? Cathy

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Woodbridge Environmental answered 6 years ago

Hi Cathy,

Unfortunately no, laminate much like tile requires a firm flat surface in order to look good.

If your floor has a dip in it perhaps from a sagging beam or beams, you may be able to install this, but the new shiny surface of the floor will stick out like a sore thumb.


However your world does not need to end this way.  There are several products called floor leveling compounds available just for this type of issue.

If your floor is sound, and tight and the floor that is exposed after the carpet is removed, you can mix and pour this product and it will like water, although thick water, will flow out and self level itself.  Once this is done, you then can move ahead with the new flooring.


But I would be amiss if I did not suggest that you choose another type of floor for the kitchen area.  Laminates are very sensitive to moisture. Meaning if your kitchen is active with kids, dogs etc, and you need to clean it  or even if you spill water on it, it can cause issues with the edges of the flooring cupping up after a while. Although manufactures tell you that you can use this in this environment and its done every day somewhere in the country, there are many others being removed because of the lifting of the edges of the floor. 


This is not to say that you cannot use this product and use is successfully, you just need to be aware that you must use a little water when cleaning and be sure to pick up spills as soon as they happen so the moisture does not seep between the edges of the laminate strips that are installed.