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How Can I Test for Bad Wires?

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I recently lost power to two rooms in my house. I’ve checked for those little switches above the electrical outlets, but there aren’t any in my home.  I spoke to a relative who had me test a few things, and he said there is a bad wire somewhere in the wiring.  I would hire an electrician but we’re trying to save money right now, so I’d rather do this myself.  Is there a device i can use to test the wiring in the house to find this bad wire?  Better yet, how should I go about doing this?

The Money Pit Answer

There's a reason electricians work for several years before earning their licenses: Electrical work is hazardous, especially in a situation like yours where you're trying to find a needle in a haystack. So while I understand your desire to save money by making this a DIY project, this is not the kind of undertaking I recommend trying on your own.  However, one simple thing you can do before calling a pro is pick up an outlet tester.  Outlet testers are inexpensive, and will let you know whether at least your outlets are wired correctly.  As for determining where that disconnect is, that's gonna take some detective work.