CommunityInsurance Co. Vs. Mortgage Co.

Insurance Co. Vs. Mortgage Co.

Filing a claim with your insurance company can be the least of your problems. Because my claim was a significant amount due to April 2011 tornado damage, the insurance check was made out to myself and the mortgage company. It’s been nearly 2 months and the mortgage company is STILL holding my money hostage. After repeatedly faxing a materials list that they “approved” (& finally admitted to receiving), I was to get 20% of my insurance money to initiate repairs. Well….that was 3 weeks ago. Still no money!

Who, besides the Better Business Bureau, can I file a complaint to?

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Guest Staff answered 6 years ago

It is not very likely that your insurance company will give a hoot about you filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  What will make them snap to attention is getting a complaint through the Alabama Department of Insurance, the government organization that issues their license.  The department site is here:, and the online complaint form here:  Go get 'em and good luck!