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Insulation Vs. Metal Roof

Would it be more efficient to spray foam insulation on the underside of our roof and seal the attic, or put on a metal roof.  House is 3000 sq. ft. and 12 years old, and the furnace with two electronic air cleaners is in the attic.  Roof is composition shingles and in good condition.  We live outside of  Lubbock Texas in a rural area.  Our HVAC contractor recommended adding more insulation over the ceiling.  HVAC is a high efficienty 3 year old dual fuel heat pump.  The air cleaners run all the time and circulate either hot or cold air depending on the outside temperature until the HVAC comes on.


Charles S. Taylor  

The Money Pit Answer

I'd listen to your insulation contractor!  Making sure you have at least 19-22 inches of fiberglass insulation is the least expensive way to improvement your energy efficiency.  "Sealing" an unheated attic space is never a good idea, metal roof or not.