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Insulation Cost

I am looking to increase my attic insulation. The space I'm looking at is maybe 1,300 SF. The first quote I;ve received, for blowin-in insulation, was more than $2,000 — more than double what I had expected.

Is that really a reasonable and typical price? If it is, I'm going to have to put this off for a while.

The Money Pit Answer

It's hard to say because so much of this depends on accessibility and other factors.  The best way to determine the average going rate for any service, though, is to get multiple bids.  A good place to start that process might be, where you can invite quotes from multiple contractors and have them compete for your project. 

That said, installing insulation is also potentially a do-it-yourself project.  You can certainly install batt insulation, or even rent a machine to do your own blown-in insulation, which of course would save you the most money.