CommunityInsulating Walls Without Removing Drywall?

Insulating Walls Without Removing Drywall?

We recently remodeled the kitchen in our 1954 brick ranch and discovered only “Insulite” fiberboard insuation was used.  My understanding is that is only an R-1 rated insulation, so when we replaced the drywall, we added R-15 batt insulation.  My question is, how do we insulate the remaining walls of the house without replacing all the drywall?  Is this possible?  What's the best way?



The Money Pit Answer

Mary, your home is a good candidate for blown in insulation.  It can be blown in from interiror or exterior walls.  A small hole is drilled in the wall, through which insulation is blown.  It expands to fill wall cavity, the hole is plugged, patched and refinished.  Holes ared drilled into each and every wall cavity.  Sometimes two holes are needed, one higher up and one low to the ground, to make sure the entire cavity is filled.  Professional insulation companies have the proper tools and techniques for this.  They can even scan the home with infrared equipment to determine exactly where insulation is missing.