Installing a Deadbolt Strike Plate Onto a Metal Doorjamb


I was almost done installing a new deadbolt into our door. I finished the installation of the actual deadbolt setup into the door and was going to move on the strike plate. I had everything lined and and started to drill. As I began to drill, I suddenly relialized that my doorjamb was made of metal. I can probably make the hole big enough to fit the bolt but how in the world am I supposed to make the plate flush so that the door can close? Am I out of luck on this one?



The Money Pit Answer

Metal doors, if properly hung, should provide enough clearance for a strike plate. 
One trick that could help: Strike plates often have a "dimple" pressed into the back of the plate that helps secure the plate to a wood door.  For a metal door, this can make the plate unstable.  The solution is to drill two holes that line up directly with the dimples.  This will allow them to sit below the surface of the steel jamb and make sure the striker plate sits flat.