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How to Stucco a Shed

I live in a neighborhood of Mediterranean-style homes. According to our homeowners association, all buildings on lots must be of this style. I have a new  storage shed that I need to alter to meet these HOA standards. I plan to use WonderBoard to frame it out and stucco as the finish with paint to match the house. It will be on a concrete base against a 6' rock wall on the back side. I'm looking for suggestions as to how to attach the Wonderboard to the shed, and problems to anticipate. Thanks.

The Money Pit Answer
The foremost thing to keep in mind: If you're going to cover your shed with stucco, the shed needs to be dimensionally stable.  You can't have movement in the walls, because the stucco will crack and fall off.  Preventing this starts at the foundation - you need a good stone base and concrete footings so when the job's complete, the shed is rock solid.  The simplest and most effective way to so this: Use screws.  There are special screws designed to attach to WonderBoard.  They have a very shallow pan head so they grab the board securely and hold it to the studs.  Do not use drywall screws! Again, if those walls are not solid, the stucco will crack, which will make your HOA and your neighbors unhappy.  Good luck!  Consider posting before and after photos to Money Pit's Facebook page.