How to Repair Loose Flooring Around Tub Shower?

We installed a one-piece tub shower in our basement only about a year ago, as well as linoleum flooring.  Already the linoleum is rolling up where it meets the tub.  What is the best product to use to hold it down? We don't really want to use quarter round due to the moisture but worry that caulking won't do the job.

The Money Pit Answer

Basement bathrooms are great, but they're apt to have more moisture than bathrooms at higher levels of the house, making this a common problem. I'd steer away from trying to accomplish this repair with adhesive.  Quarter round moulding or shoe moulding is the best way to go, but use composite molding instead of wood.  Composite moulding is made of extruded PVC and won't rot when exposed to moisture. Good luck!