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How to Repair Leaking Window in Vinyl Siding

What's the best way to repair a leaking window on a home that's surrounded by vinyl siding? Water only comes in during heavy rains. My dining room double-window appears to have a broken J-channel. The subfloor under the middle of the window is rotting/has a hole in it. I assume I have to fill in the hole by the window and possibly fix the J-channel, then pull up the carpet and cut out/replace that section of the subfloor, right?

The Money Pit Answer
First of all, water only comes in during heavy rains because it's being driven by wind - that's a very common symptom of this type of leak. The broken J-channel is clearly the most likely source of a leak in vinyl siding. I would recommend removing the siding around the window and replacing the J-channel. Any attempt to caulk or seal this area using another method is not likely to have a long-term result. After the window is repaired, the rotted area of the floor seems small enough that you don't have to cut it out. If the floor is weak, you can add support beneath the damaged area and replace any damaged carpet above.
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Denise Marie Stout Holcomb answered 2 years ago

we did have it fixed similarly to your description. however, the hole was big enough we did have the subfloor cut out and a section replaced. Carpet was not damaged, so we were able to keep it.