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How to Repair Bathroom Ceiling Leak

Hi,I have a leakage in my bathroom, only when it rains hard and windy.This wets the beam on the ceiling and the corresponding wall just half way along the beam.I took out the paint and the tape.Once the rain goes away it drys up again.Can you help me with what might be the cause.You think it will damage the attic or the beam!When it rains slowly and steadily there is no leak. Thank you.

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Sheetal Werneke answered 6 years ago

If your bathroom is on the top floor of your home, I suspect that you have a roof leak. This wind-driven rain is getting in at some point nowhere near that bathroom, but is running along a rafter or floor joist in your attic and then rolling down the beam into your bathroom. To learn where the leak is coming from, you can do a check of your roof. Read our article and good luck!

Guest Staff answered 6 years ago

Bathroom ceiling leeks are also frequently caused by the plumbing vent flashing located directly above the bath.  Check the rubber boot at the base of the flashing and if it is cracked or gapped, replace it.

Vijay Naik answered 6 years ago

I appreciate your answers.the only way I can fix it myself is by going to the roof and that is impossible for me.I cannot reach the spot tru attic.I have a fixed spot where it gets wet only when there is rain with wind.Once it stops then it gets dried.Do I have to go to thru a roof repairer and spend lot of money for this!can you advise me if I leave it like this is there chances of incurring into bigger problems!


Vijay naik