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How to Remove Frost From Windows

My replacement windows are about ten years old.  Every winter, the bottom of the top window frosts up. It seems to get a little bit worse each year.  How can I make this stop?

The Money Pit Answer
To solve this problem, you first need to understand why it's happening.  When temperatures are below freezing, warm, moist air inside the house strikes the cold glass and falls.  The glass is coldest at the bottom, where it meets the frame, and that's why the moisture is freezing there.  Likely the cause is that the insulating gas, argon, between the window panes has failed.  One thing that might reduce the frost is the addition of insulating shades to the window.  Insulating shades can reduce the amount of warm moist air that strikes the gas in winter, and will reduce drafts as well.  Unfortunately, your only other option is to replace the windows altogether.  The silver lining here is that window efficiency has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years, making new windows a great investment