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How to Prevent Harsh Sunlight from Damaging Your Home

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I moved into a house that have a lovely walk in kitchen pantry.  It also has a window at one end.  I am wondering if I need to put up a window shade to protect my canned goods like jarred veggies and fruit?  In the summer it can get warm in there but not hot.  I'm in the pacific northwest so the winters are mild but at times summers can be hot.  Should I put up a shade?


The Money Pit Answer

It never hurts to prevent direct, harsh sunlight from entering your home.  A shade is probably a good idea.  While the heat and sun shouldn't affect the quality of the canned goods... it may fade labels.  And keeping those cans and jars on the cooler side is probably better. 

In general, the sun can damage everything from furnishings to wood floors if it's allowed unfiltered access.  You can use everything from blinds to shades, and even a window film product to keep the direct sun a minimum. 

Good luck with the project!