How to Paint Over Concrete

         I just recently purchased a home, and unfortunately the previous homeowners were Michigan State fans. There is all sorts of green and white reminders of that throughout the house. Including the landscaping, white rocks in the landscaping beds, and worse of all the concrete foundation, garage floor and walkways are painted green. I am interested in knowing what the best ways to remove the old green paint from the concrete, but also a safe method for the soil surrounding landscaping beds to not damage the existing & future plants. And also, What are some of the best options for once the paint is removed? For the foundation, garage floor and the walkways as well.

Thank you for your time & I love listening to your podcast while in working in the factory. Keep up the great work.


The Money Pit Answer

Go Spartans?  Or more accurately, Go Away Spartans!  So you find yourself in a sea of green?  The best approach isn't to necessarily strip the old paint as this is an almost impossible job when it comes to masonry.  Better yet, you should paint over it.  Here are the steps:

1.  Remove the loose paint.  Use a wire brush to remove as much of the old paint as comes off.  You can't put good paint over bad paint or it will peel.  Now, if you REALLY want to remove the old paint, the best approach is sandblasting but that can damage the masonry if it's not done carefully.

2. Next, apply a masonry primer.  I'd use an oil-based primer from a well known manufacturer like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams.

3.  The apply two coats of exterior masonry paint over the primer.

The problem with paint is that after you paint you have to eventually repaint.  But following this procedure will give you a finish that will keep that Michegan green from peaking out last as long as possible!

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KJVA27 answered 2 years ago

I am not interested in painting over the surface again, the look doesnt appeal to me. As fara as the foundation goes, I was looking towords a stone veneer for that project. The walkways and sidewalk, I want to stain, and the garage floor I want to do an epoxy floor. thoughs?

Guest Staff answered 2 years ago

You will not be able to stain the walkways that have been painted, unless they are sandblasted, I'd suspect.  You really should consider using an exterior grade epoxy paint for those as well.  I like the stone veneer idea but again that old paint could be an issue as it might prevent the veneer adhesive from getting a proper hold. 

KJVA27 answered 2 years ago

What do you think about using a wire cup brush on a drill, then finishing with a pressure washer?