CommunityHow to Insulate an Attic That Has No Soffit?

How to Insulate an Attic That Has No Soffit?

What is the best way to insulate the floor of an attic if the house does not have soffit vents – or any soffits at all?  There is a ridge vent and two gable vents for ventilation.  Do I need to install special soffit-less vents, or can I insulate right into the corners of the attic, right up to the roofing boards?    I live in New England and am concerned with ice dams.

The Money Pit Answer

There's a type of vent called an edge vent, specifically designed for this purpose.  Edge vents basically extend the roof edge by a few inches so you can pick up space for soffit insulation.  A ridge vent is good, but is only half the equation. 
Unfortunately for your situation, edge vents are best installed as part of a larger roofing project.  The roof basically starts at the edge of an edge vent, so it's difficult to add them after the fact.