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How to Install Wood Flooring?

My husband and I are fairly handy.  Is installing a wood floor something we can handle on our own?  What special tools might we need?  Any other advice?  Thanks!

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Guest Staff answered 7 years ago

I would give flooring installation a 6 on the level of difficult scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being very difficult.  With some basic skills and a few medium level projects behind you, this is certainly something you and your husband can do.  Normally, you would need a miter saw to cut planks to length and a table saw to cut them to width.  But there is a new tool out that I think will make this job a lot easier for you.  It's the 3600 Skill Flooring Saw and what makes this tool unique is that this one tool can make both types of cuts for a flooring project.  It's also compact enough to have it very close to your work area.  Normally miter and table saws would have to be brought to the installation site, or you would be hauling the flooring back and forth between the work site and the installation site.  It can be grueling work.  With this saw, you can easily go back and forth between miter, cross and rip cuts.  There is a dust collection system so you don't have to worry about bringing it inside.  It comes with a blade designed for wood AND laminate flooring.  And it's pretty affordable at $159 – making the question of whether or not to rent two different saws for the job a non-issue. 

I would suggest making sure that you are measuring accurately – remember the old saying measure twice and cut once!  Also, when you order your flooring you should plan on 5-10% extra, especially since you are DIYing.  Hardwood floors are nice, but laminates or engineered hardwood floors are also a good option.  Good luck with your project!