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How to Install Gutters to Prevent Basement Leaks

I would like to have seamless gutters installed on my home due to water in the basement.  From listening to your show I think this may help keeping the water away from the foundation  What do I need to know or ask when I have the contractors here providing quotes? Are there any other recommendations you have for the gutters or the water in the basement?  I love your show and appreciate all the help you have already provided for my new home adventure.

The Money Pit Answer

The most common mistakes contractors make when installing gutters are (1) not enough downspouts -- you'll need 1 spout for ever 400-600 square feet of roof surface draining into that spout; and (2) not extending the downspouts far enough away from the foundation.  To that point, most contractors dump them within a foot or two of the foundation which is a mistake.  They should extend 4 to 6 feet, or better yet, be piped underground (use only SOLID PVC pipe, not perforated) to a low point on the property where the water can drain away. Finally consider adding gutter guards or covers, to keep leaves and other debris from clogging the gutters. Read this article for more info about how to stop your basement from leaking and the importance of gutters as part of that solution.