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How to Get Paint Out of Upholstery

Tom and Leslie, I need your help.  Is there any way to remove oil-based paint from a fabric car seat?  I got it on the back of my jacket, didn't realize it, and then drove my girlfriend's car…

The Money Pit Answer

I certainly hope your girlfriend's an understanding woman, because I don't have good news for you.  Getting oil-based paint out of fabric is nearly impossible after it dries.  If it hadn't already dried, you could have tried applying a solvent, but then you run the risk of it discoloring the fabric.  Another option when oil-based paint is still wet is WD-40.  WD-40 has the uncanny ability to do many things, including removing stains from almost anything.  But since your paint is long dry right now, maybe opt for seat covers, in addition to a dozen roses!