CommunityHow to Fix Slow Hot Water in Tub and Shower?

How to Fix Slow Hot Water in Tub and Shower?

On your show you mentioned fixing a valve to solve the problem of slow water.  Can you clarify which valve it is?  And is this a DIY project? I am handy, but not so handly that I want to handle a propane torch.  My house is about 50 years old, if that matters.  Any help is appreciated!

The Money Pit Answer

It sounds like there's an issue with a valve supplying hot water to your tub and your sink.  The valve may be partially closed or obstructed.  You're going to need to hire a plumber to take apart the valve in the tub and check the pressure.  Often debris gets in pipes, and even small pieces can clog a valve up.  Since you have an older house, you also want to consider - while you have a plumber there - replacing your existing shower valve with a pressure-balanced valve.  Pressure-balanced valves maintain the mix of hot and cold water, so you'll get the temperature you want regardless of water pressure.  No more spurts of hot or cold!