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How to Dry Out a Leaky Basement

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Hello I've lived in my home for 15 yrs now and my basement has leaked for as long as I remember but it's only when we have a heavy rainfall or snow melt. I've just recently found a small hole that's the size of a Nail head at the bottom of my foundation. What I was wondering is can I fill that hole with a type of silicone w/I having to dig up my yard to fix this issue or will filling this hole cause me more problems? I can't afford to pay a contractor or a basement expert I'm a single mom and I've received all kinds of advise but all I'm hearing is to dig up my drains which is $$$ and I just can't do that. So was wondering if u had any advise. The other thing is it's not on the outer wall it's on an inner wall if that makes any sense. Any advise would be helpful. My daughters room is down there and this has ruined so many things in the past so I'm hoping you can give me some advise Ty for your time.

The Money Pit Answer

What you are describing is a very common occurance.  These basement waterproofing tips will help.  Because this only happens when snow melts or when it rains, it proves the point that you do not have adequate drainage for your home. 

You must have enough gutters and downspouts.  You also need to make sure those downspouts extend away from the foundation.  The gutters should be periodically clearned. 

The ground near the foundation should slope away from it.  These steps solve 99% of wet basement issues.