CommunityHow Do I Keep Woodpeckers Away From My Home?

How Do I Keep Woodpeckers Away From My Home?

We live in a heavily wooded area.  When we moved in we noticed that the north side of the house had some holes from woodpeckers.  We filled the holes and repainted, and for most of the summer didn't notice any additional damage.  But then I looked up the other night, though, and there are once again sizable holes in the wood siding.  How do we get rid of the wood peckers or discourage them?  The idea of hanging pie tins from the eaves is not an ideal choice, aesthetically, and I'm not even sure if would work.  Thanks!

The Money Pit Answer

There are plenty of humane ways to send woodpeckers packing, though the one I think works best DOES include a not-so-attractive solution.  The upside?  It's only temporarily.  Take heavy-duty black garbage bags, cut them into strips, and tack them over the problem spots.  Leave the bottom free to move around and blow in the wind. The bags will keep birds from getting a good footing on your sidng, and the movement will scare them away, to boot.  A few weeks should do the trick.  Good luck!