CommunityHow Do I Fix Cracks in My Plaster Board Ceiling?

How Do I Fix Cracks in My Plaster Board Ceiling?

We have linear ceiling cracks forming along tape lines.  The ceiling is gypsum panels with a swirl plaster finish, and the panel edges are increasingly visible, or even splitting the thincoat, swirled plaster finish.

Aside from screwing 1″ x 3″ boards to simply cover the ceiling with new drywall, are their any other repair options?  The ceiling is not falling, but the aestheics are now a problem.

The Money Pit Answer

The plaster finish complicates this. 
The seams that are cracking need to be re-taped, which requires pulling off the existing tape where it's starting to crack and separate, and re-taping those sections with new drywall tape and several layers of spackle.  You''ll have to try feathering the spackle to match the existing ceiling design, which is a tricky job no matter how you do it. 
If there are a lot of problem areas, drywall the ceiling instead.  For added durability, glue the new drywall to the old ceiling.  Also be sure to overlap seams - that is, don't line up drywall seams with ceiling seams.  Good luck!