How to Create Task Lighting

I'm just moving my jewelry-making design work to our bonus room over the garage. I need ideas for lighting for various work areas. The room has one double window facing west. Existing lighting consists of 4 recessed lights and a ceiling light/fan. There is an un-insulated storage space behind one wall. Concern regarding heat & cold for storing supplies such as polymer clay, acrylic paints, etc. Organizational ideas are also welcome. I hope this challenges you and that answers are highly effective. Thanks so much!

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Money Pit Team answered 5 years ago

Great question!  I think that the lighting in the room is plentiful – IF you were using this room as a bonus room… but because you are using it more as a craft/project room, you need additional task lighting.  The best type would either be a table top lamp that is adjustable with both height as well as direction…for example a goose neck desk lamp.  The other option might be some track lighting installed above the work area.  As far as the storage space – you would need to make this more of a conditioned space.  We suggest insulating both the floor and the ceiling of the unfinished space.  Until you do that, it will not be temperate enough to store supplies that are sensitive to extreme heat or cold.  Good luck and thanks for asking!