CommunityHow to Clean Florida Glass Windows on Lanai

How to Clean Florida Glass Windows on Lanai

My Florida Glass windows constantly have streaks.  I have tried plain glass cleaner, vinegar & water, detergent & water, and also rinsing afterward with water — but always end up with streaks.  These windows have direct sunlight and are three years old.  What can I do to make them streak-free?

The Money Pit Answer

Wow…what an odd result.  I do wonder if there was some sort of coating on your windows originally that is causing this? 
My tried and true formula for cleaning windows, as well as countertops and a whole lot more, is a product called Basic H from Shaklee.  It is super concentrated and one 16oz bottle makes 48 gallons of product.  Buy it once and you'll probably be good for years!  Shaklee products are also all natural so they are very safe and they work.