CommunityHow To Clean Dirty and Stained Outdoor Tile?

How To Clean Dirty and Stained Outdoor Tile?

The tile outside of my home is dirty and stained.  How do I clean it?

The Money Pit Answer

For anything outdoors, I recommend a product called Jomax.  It's a house cleaner and mildew killer that effectively cleans any exterior surface, from siding to tiles, and won't harm shrubbery or lawns.  
Another option is TSP - trisodium phosphate.  It's available in the painting aisle of most hardware stores and home centers.  TSP can be mixed into a soapy solution, brushed onto any outdoor surface, scrubbed and rinsed away with good results.  A heads up, though, that it can have a bleaching effect. 
Whether you go with Jomax or TSP, I suggest leaving the solution on for a few minutes before rinsing it off for best results.