CommunityHow Can I Monitor My Home’s Electrical Use?

How Can I Monitor My Home’s Electrical Use?

I'm looking to update and consolidate my home's electric service.  Are there are any breaker boxes with built- in computer chips and ethernet ports that allow me to monitor power usage on each circuit?

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Check out Nexia.  They offer plenty of home management technology that adds efficiency and protection to your home, from tracking energy usage to automatically locking your doors.

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Jim Rooney answered 7 years ago

None built-in that I am aware of but you probably can get an add-on system along the lines that you are looking.  The best idea is the heavy-up as it's called and that will set you back about $1,200. plus.  It's a good idea and do it to the latest codes with arc-fault and GFCI  breakers.  Use good gear such as Square D and get a good electrician to do the job.


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