CommunityHow Can I Make My Laminate Floors Shine?

How Can I Make My Laminate Floors Shine?

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Is there a product I can use to make my laminate floors shine?  I don't plan to replace them anytime soon, but feel like they've lost their luster.

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You unfortunately can't add much more shine to laminate than what it's finish was intended to provide - or at least not permanently.  For example, If you purchased laminate floors with a matte finish, there's no changing them to a high gloss finish. 
If you're looking for a pick-me-up before hosting guests or taking photos, though, there are products that provide temporary laminate floor luster - similar to how Armor All adds temporary shine to your car's tires.  Just make sure you choose a product designed specifically for laminate, and not for vinyl or some other type of flooring.  Useing the wrong product could result in cloudy finishes or other unexpected results.

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jslong02 answered 5 years ago

How do. I make them shine

Sheetal Werneke answered 5 years ago

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