CommunityHow Can I Fix a Chimney Flue Leak?

How Can I Fix a Chimney Flue Leak?

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I have water leaking from my chimney, through the flue, and into my basement.  This has happened twice – both times we had rain and heavy winds. The first time I had about 1-2 gallons leak in, whereas last week i had only about 1/2 gallon.  Any idea what's causing this – and a possible solution?  After the first incident, a chimney company came and checked out the flashing and chimney.  They said the flashing was fine, and they did some repointing near the top  – but then water got in again last week.

The Money Pit Answer
Keeping water out of your chimney is important - but sometimes feels like an uphill battle.  I recommend a masonry sealer for your chimney.  Masonry sealer is silicone-based, and does a good job of keeping out wind-driven rain.  Buy a water permeable one because water permeable lets water evaporate out, and not freeze and eventually crack the brick.  It's a DIY product that can be brushed on, like paint, or sprayed on.