How Can I Create Attic Storage Above Attic Insulation?

I am the new owner of a brand new contractor grade Colonial home, and would like to install a small storage area in the attic, at floor level.  The problem is, in addition of having the standard pink insulation in between the joists, I also have about 16″-20″ of blown in white insulation.  One white layer of snow……

I've researched everywhere and everyone seems to have a different opinion on how to go about doing this.  Elevate the floor?  Or just rake the white stuff aside and lay the plywood over the joists?  Please help!  I already have the pull down stairs in one of the bedrooms to go up into the attic.

The Money Pit Answer

You unfortunately can't have both, as most attics are not designed as storage spaces. Either you have an attic with the correct amount of insulation - 15 to 20 inches - or you have attic storage if you insist on it at the floor joist level.  Joists are 8 to 10 inches deep, so they only give you that much depth for insulation.  But you need more - and it's not as simple as crushing it, or it won't insul.  Here are my suggestions: Either build an elevated storage platform, or strategically carve out an area of the attic toward the middle, where less insulation is needed, and reduce insulation in the interest of floor-level storage there. 

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sasikora answered 5 years ago

Have you considered mounting shelving to your trusses to sit above the insulation?