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I’ve been hearing a lot lately about the energy savings to be had with dimmers and programmable home lighting systems. Is there any way I can retrofit my home’s existing lighting with these, or do I need to start from scratch?

The Money Pit Answer

Dimmers are indeed great means of controlling a room's lighting scheme and dialing down your energy bills. If you have knowledge working with electricity, individual dimmers are simple to install and are relatively inexpensive.
For the next level of control and customization, add a home lighting system, such as Lutron's wireless, one-touch RadioRA home dimming system.
RadioRA uses radio frequency (RF) technology to control indoor and outdoor lighting levels and combinations, and can be operated from anywhere in your home using a wall-mounted or portable master control.
Best of all, it can be installed without the hassle of rewiring.  All you have to do is replace your existing light switches with RadioRA dimmers and switches, and you're good to go. Lighting schemes can be easily changed, and you can add new rooms to the system whenever you like. RadioRA can also be linked to your security system to add a warning light show when the alarm is tripped.
Visit Lutron for more information on this and other home lighting control systems, and while you're there, also check out the interactive dimmer benefit calculator to further visualize potential energy savings.