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Is there any recourse when you get a lousy home inspector but aren't aware of it until after the deed is done (as in the mortgage is signed)? I purchased my home 4 years ago and had it inspected before purchase but after the fact have found a number of problems (glaring) that weren't mentioned. He even failed to run a radon test ( I didn't even know they existed let alone are a required thing – I needed remediation when I did test it thanks to the american lung asso. They give out free kits to sample your basement air upon occasion. Maybe this could be a subject for a future show. Thanks

The Money Pit Answer

I'm sorry to hear about your home problems!  I will say though, that 4 years is a long time to take to find "glaring" problems.  To help understand what a home inspector should and should not find, you should take a look at the Standards of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors. These dictate what has to be included in the inspection and set reasonable limitations for finding those problems, the most important is that the inspected system has to be "visible and accessible" for inspection on the day of inspection.  Also, please note that radon testing is not a part of an inspector's required duties, although many do offer such services as an option.  As for recourse, I certainly encourage you to pull out your old report and ask the inspector to review the situation with you to see if there are any defects he or she agree should have been found. Many inspectors have insurance that cover errors or omissions but again, it has to be absolutely clear the the defect was discoverable on the day of the inspection. 

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swords99 answered 7 years ago

Most Home Inspectors do not perform radon tests. You may have to hire a specialist who does this. I seriously doubt you have any recourse concerning the home inspector after you have signed everything. Some problems may not have been noticeable at the time of inspection.