Hi, we are in the process of a bathroom remodel. Total gut except the ceiling. We want to put in just a shower with a bench. We were considering using a swanstone base with a tile bench abutting the base and tile walls. Is this ok to do? Or is it better to do a tile floor. We “think” that we prefer the swanstone floor since it will not require as much maintance and it stands to reason in our minds it would be less likly to leak. The contractor told us a tile floor is the way to go instead. What do you think we should do??

Second issue is we put on an 12 X15 addition on a deck system. The room in the winter is cold. Particularly the floor. We have a solid hardwood floor in the addition which opens to the kitchen. What options should we consider to get the floor warmer. Should we see if it even possible to put in spray foam, get a gas fire place or rip out the hardwoods and put in electric radiant heat with new flooring? Other ideas??

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