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Help! Overrun with House Flies!

Daniel Ledford
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Our home is overrun with house flies.  There is no apparent cause such as open trash, food being out or even Jimmy Hoffa (ha!).  I kill up to 25-30 flies *per day*, no kidding.  The worst part is the next day there are that many right back. The only thing I can think of is that our cat’s box is maybe 12′ from our door in the garage but we keep that cleaned out every 4-5 days so as to eliminate this as a possible cause.

Can you guys suggest either a fix or a possible cause for this?  It’s about to drive me absolutely nuts!

Thanks and I love this show!

Daniel Ledford

Louisville, KY

The Money Pit Answer

Wow! That does sound like a lot of house flies.  Animal waste and garbage are actually both excellent breeding material for flies.  A fly can go from pupa to adult in eight days, so there does seem to be some reproduction going on in your home.  If you think you are doing a good job of keeping the litter box clean and garbage cans covered, then there may be some other breeding site.  For example, a missed bit of pet waste that is in a corner somewhere?  Keep doors and windows closed to exclude any breeding site that's INSIDE your home. 

Also, try to figure out what kind of flies these are.  If they are tiny gnat-like flies they could be fruit flies, also known as drain or sewer flies because they breed off of biofilm in your household drains.  Once you figure out which type of flies you have and find and clean the breeding site, you should be able to eliminate the problem.

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george pettie answered 6 years ago

This sounds like ‘cluster flies’. They live outside, feeding entirely on earthworms, but come inside in considerable numbers at  this time of year to hibernate. The good news is that they don’t feed or lay eggs in human food and don’t indicate the presence of something dead, like other flies. The bad news is difficult eradication. There is a non-toxic trap called a “Cluster Buster” that reportedly works well.