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Help with Deck Stains

I had stained my deck with Behr Semi Transparent Deck, Fenc, & Siding Wood Stain.  The stain consist of a penetrating oil formula  ( Easy Water Clean Up).   I had placed this stain on a deck flooring that has treated wood and already had been treated by the same stain a few years earlier.  I wanted to give it a fresh look.  After only one season you can see sections down to the wood.  The stain did not stay on.  In addition, other spots have a white haze to them.  Not sure what is going on.

What do you suggest I do to replace the stain?  Do I need to power wash or find some product to remove the old stain.  There is probably three layers of stainnow on the deck.  The reason I had stained the deck is to eliminate the problem of pealing that you have with paint.  Go figure.

Please help

John Pepitone

The Money Pit Answer

Hi John!

BEHR makes an excellent product so I'm surprised you are having a problem.  I took the opportunity to check with BEHR's Customer Care Team and they offerred the following:

Use Behr No. 64 Premium Stain & Finish Stripper with a stiff bristle brush or roller to remove the failing coating.  It would be important to shake or stir the No. 64 to activate the stripper, and that the stripper is kept wet during the application.  Most coatings should begin to lift after 5-45 minutes.

After using Behr No. 64 Premium Stain & Finish Remover follow up with Behr No.63 Premium 2-in-1 Wood Prep. It is necessary to use No. 63 to neutralize the stripping action of the No. 64 and restore the wood's natural color. No. 63 will also clean and condition the wood to promote adhesion of a new coating.

Be sure all chemical residue is rinsed away. If there is any residue left, it may affect the adhesion of the new coating.

When the surface is thoroughly clean and dry, check the wood's absorbency by sprinkling a few drops of water on the surface to ascertain if the wood pores are open to allow the stain to penetrate.

Once the wood is ready, then the surface can be recoated with the Behr stain at the spread rate indicated on the product label. 

I hope this helps and good luck with your project!