Hardwood Floor Replacement

We now have carpeted floors; when we change-upon entering the front door, is the hardwood floor laid lengthwise or crosswise?  Parallel or perpendicular to front door?

The Money Pit Answer

The direction in which a floor is laid depends on the room.  It doesn't necessarily depend on the door or entryway.  For example, if you have a very long room, you'd probably lay the flooring parallel to the longer walls.  

Here's an important consideration, Yvonne, if you're putting hardwood floor into an entry foyer:  you want to choose and install the best quality, most durable hardwood flooring available.  Entrances tend to see a lot of dirt and foot traffic, so it's worth investing in better flooring for that area that will hold up for years to come.

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Sheetal Werneke answered 7 years ago

I would think it would depend on the size of the room – if you have a big room, parallel might work better. But ours run perpendicular and we have a long narrow downstairs – it mirrors that layout. Just my opinion.