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Garage Storage Strategy

I’ve decided I’d like to start parking my car inside the garage. Got any tips for organizing and storing all the stuff that’s parked in there right now?

The Money Pit Answer

Garage storage is something that has to be set up once and then maintained daily by all members of the family. 
Safety for your family and your storage should be the first priority. Make sure chemicals and tools are stored beyond the reach of the younger set. Large storage items should be kept beyond the parking zone, and heavy stuff should be stored at a level that won't lead to injury or property damage if it was to fall.
After you've done the big cleanout and determined what tools, household products and gear get to stay, you'll be able to formulate a garage storage plan to accommodate every category. The only thing remaining on the floor of the garage should be your car, so make smart use of the ready-to-use racks, hooks, shelving systems and cabinets available from home storage retailers.
All storage units should be anchored for safe support of heavy items inside, and it's also wise to include a flame-proof cabinet to store such flammables as spray paint, stains and cleansers. For more detailed info, see our  garage safety and storage tips.