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Hi Money Pit, What type of tape should I use to secure my area and throw rugs? I don't want to damage my freshly-redone hardwoods. I bought those pads that are supposed to keep rugs in place and they don't work. Thank you!

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Woodbridge Environmental answered 6 years ago

There is a product called Rug Tape.  This is a double sided tape that will help prevent this movement. However you must consider the new finish on your floors. While older floors can tolerate adhesives without marring the finish, this may not be the case with your newly finished floors. This tape can be purchased at most big box stores and home centers that sell rugs.


I would suggest before you spend any money on this product that you contact the floor company that applied your new floor finish.  They should be able to tell you best if you should proceed with this product or not.


If the pads are not working, are they new or older.  Old rug grippers tend to loose some of their stickiness over time which may be the reason for them failing.

Holly answered 6 years ago

Thank you for your answer. The rugs and pads are both a little older. The guy who refinished the floor says Rug Tape should be fine. Thanks!