CommunityFinishing Soft Pine Floors in an Old House

Finishing Soft Pine Floors in an Old House

We live in a 138-year old house with original pine wood floors.  We've never refinished them, but are considering it.  The person we got an estimate from suggested applying a low-shine sealant of some sort.  I thought sanding, staining and waxing could suffice.  What do you suggest?  If we put a polyurethane-type productl on the floor, what specifically do you recommend?

The Money Pit Answer
With old pine floors, you need to be very careful with the sanding process.  I recommend a tool called U-Sand.  It's a low-impact sander that doesn't take a lot of matter off floors, yet can even out rough spots.  In no case should you use a belt sander.  Belt sanders are good for hardwood floors, but not soft wood like pine. Once sanded, apply 2-3 coats of polyurethane using a lambswool applicator.  Be sure to stay off the finished floor for at least day or two before moving furniture back in.  Despite what the polyurethane label might say about drying time, it often takes longer than indicated - especially if the air is humid.