CommunityFinding an American Society of Home Inspector in the Pittsburgh, Pa Area

Finding an American Society of Home Inspector in the Pittsburgh, Pa Area

My Monastic Community of Women has purchased an original 1831 farmhouse and acreage for our new monastery.  The original farmhouse was inspected prior to purchase.  However, since moving into the house there are many items that need to be corrected, if affordable.  The other option is to tear the house down.  It was a part of the Underground Railroad and we would hate to destroy history if we can save it with limited funds.  We read that a reputable American Society Home Inspector may be of help to us.  Can you help us find one?

The Money Pit Answer

Congratulations on your purchase of a page in history.  Is the property registered with the National Register of Historic Places?  If not, you may want to start that process.  Once designated an official historic property, there may be public or private funds available to restore it.

As for finding a certified inspector, that's pretty easy -- just use the Find-an-Inspector tool at  There are many ASHI Certified Inspectors in that area.  We'd recommend you interview a few until you find one that is a good fit.

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jcrinerosb answered 3 years ago

Thanks so much for responding to my query.

Sr. Judith Ann Criner, OSB