I want to know what my rights are with bill collectors, one in particular. My car payment. I’m behind by two months, but I made arrangements to make 1/2 payments twice a month with one of the reps a couple of months ago. This way I will be able to get caught up.

Meanwhile, I had was out sick with the flu and pneumonia for almost 2 1/2 weeks with not enough sick leave, so my paycheck was very slim on that payday so I wasn’t able to make a payment on that schedule date. I probably should have wrote them or called them to explain what happened but I’m so overwhelmed with family issues, my sister is struggling and fighting for her life with Ovarian Cancer.

I have continued to get back on my payment plan schedule with them. I’ve told them (Ally)to remove my home telephone # from my file. I live with my 92 yr old mom who cannot tolerate these early morning (8:20 am) calls everyday and afternoon calls to our home #, even after I told them to stop calling that # they ignored me and continue to call it.

Then I found out my neighbor got a call from Ally asking if she knew of my whereabouts. Once my neighbor realized who was calling her she told them in a very firm voice “don’t you ever call my # ever again”. What is strange is “how did they get my neighbor’s home tel. #?

I haven’t returned Ally’s phone calls because I’m so furious with them for harassing me and for harassing my next door neighbor.

My question is “what are my rights from these harassing phone calls”. I heard on a radio station once that if you want “them” to stop calling all you need to do is tell them to stop calling and to take my phone #’s out of my file. Alley did not honor my request and now is continuing to call both my home phone and my cell phone.

I want to call Ally and tell them to stop harassing me and or I will report them. But I’m not sure what I really need to say about her I will be reporting them to? They can communicate with me via post office mail. I plan on writing them a letter as well, but I need your help in what I can say that is professional and correct for my rights.

Thank you,
Kathy Elliott

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Guest Staff answered 8 years ago

This is not an area where we have enough expertise to help you. However, I suspect that a non-profit credit counseling firm may or be able to provide guidance. These do, however, have to be selected very carefully as evidenced by this article from a few years ago in USA Today.  You may also want to solicit a lawyer.